Killing Machine (Wretched Titan)



Lineage: Frankenstein
Refinement: Ferrum
Role: Soldier
Mental Attributes: Intelligence ••, Wits ••, Resolve ••
Physical Attributes: Strength •••, Dexterity •••, Stamina ••
Social Attributes: Presence •••, Manipulation ••, Composure ••
Mental Skills: Crafts ••, Medicine (Surgery) ••
Physical Skills: Athletics •••••, Brawl (non-lethal) •••••, Survival •
Social Skills: Animal Ken •, Intimidation (Gigantic) •••••, Streetwise •
Merits: Close Quarters Combat •••, Giant •••, Resources ••••
Elpis: Joy
Torment: Cynical
Willpower: 4
Pilgrimage: 1
Initiative: 5
Defense: 7
Size: 6
Speed: 12
Health: 8
Azoth: 1
Pyros/per Turn: 10/1
Bestowment: Spare Parts
Transmutations: Corporeum – Hekatonkhire, Vitality – Interficio


Long Term Aspiration


Refinements Ferrum
Roles Soldier

Breaking Points

• Surrender to an enemy, allowing them to harm your companions without challenge.
• Taking on a new Refinement before completing a Role related to your Pilgrimage.
• Making it impossible to fulfill a milestone.
• Use supernatural means to intentionally murder a human.
• Injuring or killing multiple people with supernatural abilities.
• Create a Pandoran.
• Becoming a Centimanus*
• Perform the lacuna.

Five Questions

• Lovable and well loved.
• People hate losers.
• When he refused to let me book my own fights or cut me in on the vig.
• Humans are allowed to earn their way
• Nothing.


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