Fallen God (Nepri Originist)


Lineage: Osiran
Refinement: Plumbum
Role Pilgirm
Mental Attributes: Intelligence ••••, Wits ••, Resolve ••
Physical Attributes: Strength •••, Dexterity ••, Stamina ••
Social Attributes: Presence •, Manipulation ••, Composure •••
Mental Skills: Academics ••, Computer (Security Bypass) •••, Investigation •, Occult •
Physical Skills: Athletics ••, Brawl (Quick Takedown) •••, Larceny ••, Stealth ••, Survival •, Weaponry •
Social Skills: Empathy (Read you like a book) •••, Persuasion •
Merits: Area of Expertise (Security Bypass), Azothic Object (Smart Phone) •••••, Interdisciplinary Specialty (Read you like a book), Residual Memory ••, Contacts (Online) •
Elpis: Empathy
Torment: Alienated
Willpower: 5
Pilgrimage: 1
Initiative: 5
Defense: 4
Size: 5
Speed: 9
Health: 7
Azoth: 1
Pyros/per Turn: 10/1
Bestowment: Corpse Tongue
Transmutations: Disquietism -Weaponize , Saturninus-Prime the Vessel


Long Term Aspiration


Refinements Plumbum, Cuprum
Roles Pilgrim

Breaking Points

• Steering another Promethean away from achieving a Milestone.
• Taking on a new Refinement before completing a Role related to your Pilgrimage.
• Making it impossible to fulfill a milestone.
• Use supernatural means to intentionally murder a human.
• Injuring or killing multiple people with supernatural abilities.
• Create a Pandoran.
• Becoming a Centimanus*
• Perform the lacuna.

Five Questions

  • Someone who has the answers.
  • They take advantage of those that they should help.
  • The Cult of Andakthul attempted to vivisect me when I didn’t have their answers.
  • I want to know what they want me to know.
  • My Azothic Smartphone.


Hope Springs Ariathen